Want to Know How I Went From Fat to Fit?
Keep reading to find out how I totally transformed my body...
Dear Friend,

Life happens and in 2017 after losing my brother I stopped my good clean eating and workout habits and within 4 weeks I had gained 7.5kg/14lbs...
10 Day Detox - Jane Mukami
10 Day Detox - Jane Mukami
Yep, that's me.

It's hard to believe, but I gain weight quickly and lose it very slowly.
"So I can totally relate to your weight loss challenges."
What did I do?

I picked myself up and decided to go back to working out.

When I say "working out" I mean both — 

Weight training: The use of resistance such as body weight, dumbbells, resistant bands, barbells e.t.c. to build strength and muscle.

Cardio: Activities that increase heart rate, get us out of breath and enable cells to burn more fat

The combination of weight training and cardio is the best way to drop body fat and get a toned body.

It is the same exact regimen I used to transform my body back to fit and continue to use to stay in great shape.

For the very first time I am sharing this information in my beginners guide to working out at home or in the gym.
Eat Clean Get Lean - Jane Mukami
Inside Workout 101 I share...
Info for all fitness levels [beginners to advanced]
Daily workout plans you can use at home
Daily workout plans you can use at the gym

The most effective exercises for sculpting your body type
Body types and problem areas
The top workout myths that have been holding you back
Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions
Men can do it too!
I know I'm a woman and I've showed lot of pictures of women, but you should know that men can be successful on this plan too!

In fact, the coach who taught me so much of what I know is a man.
Working out consistently has improved my life, as it will yours, by giving me...
Increased Strength
Enhanced Fat Burning
Better Sleep
More Endurance
Elevated Mood
Less Stress
Youthful Looks
Increased Libido
Sharper Mind
Decreased Disease Risk
So Are You Ready to Transform Your Body with Workout 101?
Yes Jane!
I'm excited to get Workout 101 and receive...
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Jane Mukami